Career opportunities in universities

Interesting post from my colleague Rebecca Valentine around opportunities in universities and how you can gain experience from second year.

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Did you know that The University of Edinburgh is one of the biggest employers for its graduates?  Many students that I speak to assume that university opportunities are all about academic jobs and don’t always think about the wide range of other jobs on offer in a university.  This summer the University of Edinburgh is hosting 40 student interns who are working on a wide range of projects across different departments and I’ve been taking a look at what internships have been on offer to shed some light on the many and varied job opportunities that are available in universities.

About the Employ.ed on campus internship programme

The University internship programme, Employ.ed on Campus is a programme that’s open to second and third year undergraduates at the University and is designed to give students valuable paid work experience in the University over the summer.  The programme has been running since…

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