Physicists at the Fair – feedback!

I’ve spoken to quite a few physicists this week who went along to the Careers Fair this week to meet employers and had good feedback about their experiences.  Some of the employers they were targeting were:

  • Jaguar LandRover for engineering opportunities
  • PWC, IBM, Metaswitch & Fujitsu for technology roles
  • STFC for scientific research opportunities
  • MathWorks (they develop mathematical computing software for engineers and scientists)
  • Thales (lots from R & D, electro-optics, algorithms and acoustics to finance and business management
  • Skyscanner (software developer and engineering roles, search engine optimisation),
  • VirginMedia for their data analyst, system integration, engineering, finance and business roles
  • Royal Mail for their technology and operations management roles

and other finance and business organisations who want physicists for their numerical and data analysis experience, IT and problem solving skills.

If you went to the Careers Fair, who did you find most interesting and why?


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