Do you have a strong understanding of physics fundamentals including analytical, theoretical, experimental and creative capabilities?

…then TTP The Technology Partnership want you. They have internship and graduate opportunities for physicists.

As one of a cluster of independent technology consultancies in Cambridge, they use their expertise in science and engineering to help other companies, large and small to create and exploit new technology. There is a good profile in the latest issue of Physics World which focuses on Andrew Baker-Campbell, a physics PhD  graduate now working for TTP.  In his first year he:

  • helped to improve an ultrasonic air pump (an invention that won an Innovation Award from the IOP)
  • printed electronic circuits
  • made high-speed videos of drug particles in an air flow for research on inhaler technology

He said he was looking for a career with lots of variety where he could:

  • use his physics on a day-to-day basis
  • face real-world challenges and make an impact on them quickly
  • be involved in all aspect of a product’s development
  • be able to develop his own ideas

You could find out more about his role in Physics world magazine and more about TTP here:


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