Expand your CV! Global Leader Experience

Common purpose image     A great opportunity for students to develop and showcase problem solving and skills, and will certainly enhance your  employability.

100 UoE students from at least 25 nationalities will have the opportunity to work together over 4 days to explore a major world challenge from a local perspective – it involves a partnership between the University, City of Edinburgh Council and The Wheatley Group. You’ll have the opportunity to:

  • learn from leaders from business, government and NGOs
  • discover how a city works and doesn’t work
  • develop Cultural Intelligence as you learn from each other
  • generate innovative solutions to the Challenge which are presented to city leaders.

This kind of opportunity does not come around very often, and it is completely free. Be warned, you have to be committed – it isn’t something you can sign up for and then not attend at the last minute, but then that makes it all the more worthwhile.

It’s run by Common Purpose, a social enterprise with over 25 years’ experience in leadership development programmes that enable people from different backgrounds, sectors, geographies and generations to work together to solve common problems. The programme is open to UGs & PGs and takes place during ILW (16-19th Feb) at John McIntyre Centre.It gets glowing reports from previous participants, including Edinburgh alumni.

Deadline Dec 14th!    More details and online application here :

Candida Martha Menezes, Student, University of Edinburgh, participant, Edinburgh and Glasgow 2014

“I have been inspired by speakers, they made me determined to work hard and grasp every opportunity. I have also learned so much from my fellow participants who are great communicators, innovations and much more!”




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