KP Technology: research & development summer internships

KP Technology are now recruiting for summer interns with a background in Physics or Materials Science  to work with their research and development team. They have previously had very successful student summer internships in 2014 and 2015.

KP Technology specialise in work function measurement, designing and manufacturing instrumentation and undertake research in this area. The research topics covered include: organic photovoltaics, graphene, nanowire devices, metal oxides, perovskite solar cells, forensics, thin films, biological materials and semiconductors. They have over 400 customers, in over 40 countries worldwide including NASA, European Space Agency, CERN, Harvard University… and over 50+ client publications involving their equipment in 2015. Company director Prof. Iain Baikie won the IOP Swan Gold Medal 2015 for his contribution to the development of Kelvin Probe method instrumentation and IOP stated that ‘the world-wide impact of this relatively small British company is astonishing’.

Closing date 31st January. More information on MyCareerHub

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