How and why you should apply for TARGETJobs Undergraduate of the Year

Great feedback from an Edinburgh student on her experience of getting to the finals of TargetJobs Undergraduate of the Year Award. She did it, you could too!

UoE Informatics Careers Blog

Third year student, Zoe McCleery applied last year and was selected to be a national finalist. Here she shares her advice on how and why other students should apply.

Why did you apply?

I had heard about the Undergraduate of The Year Award through the careers service at Edinburgh and via emails that were sent out. At first like any typical student I ignored it and didn’t think much of it, until I spent an afternoon in the careers service using the resources there and chatting to some of the Consultants, it was them who encouraged me to apply for the award. I was still unsure of what all it entailed, so after a little research into the award and the sponsors of the award I decided to apply… the night before applications closed. ** Note to self, if applying the night before be aware of what the application involves…

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