From CERN to medical imaging to intellectual property

Elizabeth Vorkurka gained a scholarship to undertake a PhD in high energy physics, and completed her research at Cern in Switzerland. She began her career as a research associate in the medical imaging department at the University of Manchester, and from there moved into intellectual property protection for a medical imaging company in Edinburgh. She is now working as an intellectual property management and innovation consultant.  Find out more about her career path below:

Being creatively scientific

The CCCF is the Careers Service’s Creative and Cultural Careers Festival, a full week of events starting 29th Feb

  • Of particular interest to physicists is the fact we have a new addition to the CCCF Museums session –the Science Curator from Paisley Museum/Coats Observatory, one of only 4 public observatories in the country.
  • The CCCF Journalism session includes a science journalist
  • The Edinburgh Festivals session includes working at the Edinburgh Science Festival
  • The Books and Publishing session includes the chance to meet Publishers & Science Editors.

Come along to some of these sessions to learn more about enjoying science in the creative sector.

Full line up now on the website

Actuarial insight event & chance to practice group exercises

Targeting physics and maths students, Standard Life would like to invite 2nd and 3rd year students interested in finding out more about an actuarial career, to join them for their Insight Session. On Wed 24 Feb, this session will provide you with a chance to find out what an actuarial career with them looks like. The session content will include:

• Information on their application process
• An opportunity to practice Group Exercises
• A career story session with an experienced actuary
• Meeting some of their actuarial students and recently qualified actuaries

More information and booking on MyCareerHub

Riding the waves…the power of perseverance

grav waves

It’s been a big week for physics with the evidence finally here to provide the existence of gravitational waves.  It did strike me that physicists have to be persistent to keep trying even when doubters doubt and scoffers scoff.  Having:

  • the courage of your scientific convictions
  • the determination & drive to keep on pushing to find the evidence to support those hypotheses and
  • the resilience to cope with the adverse effects of resistance, opposition & failing (a lot) before you succeed –

makes the discovery all the sweeter  – but also shows how physicists develop many of the personal qualities necessary to cope with a varied and demanding working world.  You can find out more about resilience here.

Employ.ed on campus: paid internships at UoE

The Careers Service Employ.ed on Campus programme offers paid internships in a wide range of university departments, working on defined projects with professional development support from the Careers Service.

There are some great flexible opportunities this year, including one hosted in your very own School of Physics!  The internships are open to undergrad students from 2nd year to penultimate year.  Opportunities include: technology transfer, data analysis, wiki development, student communications, Go Abroad intern, business analysis…lots more…

Find out more and how to apply here:

All internships are advertised on MyCareerHub from 5th to 26th February. To search for opportunities, simply type ‘Employ.ed on Campus’ into the ‘search opportunities’ field on the homepage.

You can get feedback on your applications by booking an appointment on MyCareerHub or coming to the Physics drop-in Thursdays 12 – 1.30, outside Magnet cafe





Wavepower on KB campus Wed 10th Feb

wavepower“We can open our placement schemes up to graduates who are studying maths and physics – if they are interested in us,  we have a really strong numerical modelling team, so there are definitely opportunities.” Rosie Stevens, Recruitment Manager

Wavepower Recruiter in Residence: During ECO Week, drop by the Wavepower stand at KB to find out about their opportunities on offer.

Wed 10 Feb 2016, 10:00 AM 2:00 PM, JCMB 1st floor foyer

Wavepower Presentation :Interested in Renewable Energy? Come and here about the opportunities on offer at Wavepower. This employer presentation is part of the careers service ECO week.

Wed 10 Feb 2016, 2:00 PM 3:00 PM, JCMB LTA


With our world-class team and over £50 million of funding, Wavepower are creating wave energy technology in order to provide the planet with clean energy.We believe intelligent technology is essential for the sustainability of our planet. Our goal is to identify the most practical technologies that have the power to make a positive global impact.

Developing the right technology requires time, knowledge, skill and ambition. By nurturing our team’s creative instinct and objectively evaluating a series of ideas, we are interested in exploring the full scope of the market before progressing with the ultimate concept.

We believe this provides us and our stakeholders with the best chance of converting ocean swell into renewable electricity, using wave energy converters of an unparalleled calibre.

Should I do a PhD?

A great post from my colleagues at Warwick for those of you considering a PhD – with different perspectives from two physicists. If you’re not sure about your reasons for doing a PhD, book an appointment with me to discuss it – it’s confidential, impartial and just might make that decision easier.

The Careers Blog

Have you ever wanted to answer the emergency call for a doctor on a plane? “I can’t resuscitate him captain, but I can increase his understanding of the application of nanotechnology to enhance hydraulic fracturing in unconventional hydrocarbon reservoirs.” Aside from the allure of adding ‘Dr’ to your name, what impact could a PhD have on your career? What should you be aware of when considering an application for a PhD?

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Funding for summer experience

If you have managed to get yourself a research placement and need some money to fund it, start with these:

The College of Science and Engineering advertise a number of summer vacation scholarships, including:

  • Barnson Bequest (deadline 1 March 2016)
  • British Association Travel Fund (deadline 1 March 2016)
  • Carnegie Vacation Scholarships (deadline 15 March 2016)
  • College Scholarships (deadline 1 March 2016)
  • Deans’ Vacation Scholarships (deadline 1 March 2016)
  • EPSRC Undergraduate Vacation Scholarships (deadline 12 April 2016)
  • Mackay Greenland Fund (deadline 1 March 2016)
  • Weir Fund (deadline 1 March 2016)

The Royal Society of Edinburgh have Robert Cormack Bequest / Piazzi Smyth Bequest Vacation Research Scholarships.  Deadline 30 March 2016.

There is also The University of Edinburgh Principal’s Go Abroad Fund -funds available for students to go abroad for a short international experience such as a conference or educational exchange.  The deadline is 25 March 2016.