IT & Technology careers: not just for Informatics graduates!

Good post from my colleague Matt Vickers on Technology careers. The examples include RBS Technology where physicists are working.

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Back in February we held our annual Careers in IT event which was attended by over 450 students; if you were one of them, we hope you found it useful.

Naturally, we used the Informatics Forum at George Square: it is a great space and is handy for the School of Informatics students wishing to attend.  But the attendees went way beyond Informatics students and indeed even beyond students of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths).  That is because IT & technology careers are often open to students of all subjects, as evidenced in the Fair Guide.  Set out in a grid were the 38 employers and which degree disciplines they recruit from:

Organisations recruiting from…

  • Informatics degrees only = 8 (21%)
  • STEM degrees = 16 (42%)
  • Any degree = 14 (37%)

Even I was surprised by just how many technology employers will recruit from any discipline.

For some of them it is…

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