European Space Agency internship – UoE student success

Tara Bruendl is a 4th MPhysics student here at UoE who, despite failing first time round, has now successfully gained a placement this summer at the European Space Agency (ESA).  Over the summer she will be a guest blogger, telling you about her experience. Her first post is all about how she got the placement.

How did I find out about it?

Since developing an interest for space my dream to work for the European Space Agency (ESA) was created. After being rejected for an internship 2 years ago, I decided not to be disheartened and successfully applied to work placements at other space-related institution, namely the Max-Planck-Institute for Solar System Research in 2014 and the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) in 2015.

Learning from the specialists in the field of solar system research equipped me with better analytical and practical skills as well as broadened my understanding of the research. The gained experience was very useful when being invited by my then supervisor from DLR for a Space Situational Awareness conference at one of ESA’s nine establishments.

By engaging in conversation with industry partners as well as an ESA employee and expressing a genuine interest in their field of expertise, it was possible to exchange contact details, which were the first stepping stone to securing the internship.

What did I have to consider when applying?

After an extensive email exchange discussing my experience and the proposed project, a formal application needed to be submitted to the HR department  which needed approval. Besides the usual formalities such as a detailed CV and a cover letter, the application asked for past experience and projects as well as my future intentions for undertaking a placement at ESA.

Especially important at this point was to show the relevance of the other work placements to this summer’s internship and emphasise how I completed given tasks and can apply the learned skills to their organisation. Working for the biggest and most influential space agency in Europe is an honour and I am very curious and excited for this journey to start.

Find out more about the European Space Agency

Find out more about the  ESA Academy Gravity-Related Research Summer School. Apply now – closing date 2 May 2016

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