Scientific employers – what makes them attractive?

Good post on Inform.ed, our labour market blog, from my colleague Deborah Fowlis on which scientific organisations are most attractive to applicants

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Thanks to my colleague Deborah Fowlis for this post which reports on a recent survey of employees of scientific employers – well worth a read if you’re planning on entering this sector after graduation – Rebecca

A global survey has just been done to find out which scientific organisations are most attractive to applicants.  The 20 companies coming out on top are mostly biotech/pharma and are listed in Sciencemag. It is interesting to note that two out of the top three are headquartered in Denmark (Novozymes and Novo Nordisk – both in expansion). The others are headquartered in USA, Switzerland, Germany and India. What makes those companies an attractive proposition?

The majority of the 5,700 scientists surveyed cited the following reasons:

  1. Innovation
  2. Employees treated with respect
  3. Loyal employees
  4. Socially responsible
  5. Work culture aligned with values

The majority of respondents also believed career development to be a much higher priority…

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