2.1? 2.2? Graduate jobs for physicists

Gradcracker is currently advertising some great jobs for physicists with AWE. Vacancies include:

  • computational physicist
  • material modelling physicist
  • pulsed power physicist
  • radiation effects physicist

Leonardo, YouView, Brett Martin, KBR and National Instruments are all recruiting through Gradcracker too.

Not all organisations ask for a minimum 2.1 and some don’t specify but they will be looking for strong motivation, interest and a tailored application.

If you are on track for a 2.2, look at Brett Martin, KBR, National Instruments, for example. Start researching small and medium sized organisations too.

Jobs for physicists on Gradcracker

Keeping Scotland at the forefront of life science innovation

Good post from Dr Mike Capaldi, CEO, Sunergos Innovations highlighting that ” modern biomedical scientists come in all forms; physicists, chemists, geneticists, surgeons, and mathematicians to name a few. Curing many of the – as yet – untreatable diseases requires new approaches and multiple inputs.”

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(Guest Blog) Stimulating innovation and sector growth through university/industry collaborations  Dr Mike Capaldi, CEO, Sunergos Innovations

Scotland has always been at the forefront of life science innovation with Edinburgh playing a key role, from Lister’s discovery of antiseptic and Simpson’s discovery of chloroform to the cloning of the world’s first mammal, Dolly the sheep.

Today, Edinburgh and the Lothians continue to be significant contributors to Scotland’s growing life science sector, accounting for almost half of Scotland’s biotechnology industry. The development of Edinburgh BioQuarter perhaps epitomises the direction the sector is adopting to remain a significant player on the world stage.

BioQuarter’s role is to capture biomedical innovation in all forms and develop and package it so that it attracts the interest of industry and investors.  Effectively we are helping create the building blocks of Scotland’s life science economy.

And we should be in no doubt that in…

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Wanted: mathematical and programming expertise with problem solving ability

Standard Life Investments (SLI) are keen to highlight to physicists a vacancy they have for a Multi Asset Risk Analyst to provide mathematical and programming expertise with problem solving ability to support the management of portfolios, enhance existing tools/technology/infrastructure and assist in new research initiatives.

They have said that the position is likely to be a good fit for an individual with a recent postgraduate qualification and programming experience but will consider applications from a broader range. Experience with higher level languages such as MATLAB, Octave, R or a similar package is desirable.Programming experience in one lower level language such as VB, C/C++/C#, Java, .Net would be beneficial.

Have you developed a lot of programming experience through your degree and/or in additional activities or projects? More details of the vacancy on My CareerHub

Edinburgh Graduate Recruitment Fair

Poster of the Edinburgh Graduate Recruitment Fair

Edinburgh Graduate Recruitment Fair  #EGRF16 is on next week with over 60 exhibitors. It’s a good opportunity to explore opportunities.Find out more here.  However:

  • If your palms get sweaty at the thought of talking to employers
  • If you have limited time
  • If you simply don’t know how to make the Fair work for you

watch our ‘Prepare for the Fair’ video here  to get the most out of the event.

UK management consultancy sector set for another year of growth

A quick search on LinkedIn showed that a number of Edinburgh physics graduates are now working in management consultancy/professional services. Interesting profiles include: Elaine Goode at Actica (currently recruiting), Oliver Proctor at Accenture and Thomas Crewther who graduated with a three year ordinary degree and following some interesting work experiences is now a Senior Consultant at EY.

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Thanks to my colleague Kayleigh McGarry for this blog post giving an update on the consulting sector following the publication of Top Consultant’s annual management consultancy recruitment report; essential reading for any of you who are thinking about entering this competitive sector – Rebecca

Top-Consultant.com have published their annual Management Consultancy
Recruitment Channel Report 2016, which is based on a survey of 1000 UK consulting recruiters, and focuses on the trends in recruitment and retention within the industry.

The report indicates that there is confidence from management consultancy recruiters that 2016 will bring another year of strong growth, building on the 8.2% growth in 2015 reported by Source Global Research.  Other key findings from the report include:

  • 89% of consulting employers report that they are looking to hire staff in 2016 at least as fast as they did last year
  • Staff attrition rates are increasing
  • IT & Technology…

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Showcasing opportunities for Women in Physics

In March 2016, six undergraduate students from the College of Science & Engineering attended the Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics held at the University of Oxford. Now in its second year, the Conference aims to help undergraduate women continue in physics by showcasing options for their educational and professional futures. Find out more – and 3rd year physicist Emma Stam telling us about her experience here.