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Great post from my colleague Matt Vickers about jobs in space. If you are keen to know more about Optics in Space, the June issue of Physics World has a good supplement on Optics & Photonics. Physics World has a series of supplements focussing on different areas of physics. They introduce you to the main players, academic and industry, often working in partnership in these areas. The articles and adverts give you a good idea who is working in these fields so great for making speculative applications.

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Many thanks to my colleague Matt Vickers for this blog post which gives an overview of jobs in the space sector and details of an event taking place next week – Rebecca

From the 11th-17th July 2016 the famous Farnborough International Airshow takes place in Hampshire, England.  This biennial event (it alternates each year with the Paris Airshow) combines both a public event and trade show – both on a huge scale.  According to organisers, the 2014 Farnborough show attracted orders and commitments worth US $204 bn.

Focused on the aerospace sector and its supply chain, the trade show includes significant presence from companies and organisations involved in the global space industry.  The show’s trade website includes pages specifically covering the space industry, and shows the infographic below.  If this gets you excited about jobs in space and you want to find out more about the organisations behind the numbers, use the searchable exhibitor list to…

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