Consulting covers more than you might think

Good post to introduce to what consulting is. The Careers Service Labour Market blog has some great articles – including more detail on what strategy consulting is – plus an insight to different sectors.

The Careers Service Blog

Many thanks to my colleague Ruth Donnelly for this post about careers in consulting. Definitely worth a read if you’re thinking about a career in consulting but I’d encourage you to take a look if you’ve not considered this career before – as the title says, it covers more than you might think. Later this week this blog will also be featuring a post on strategy consulting too so watch this space if this is a career area that interests you – Rebecca

Consulting has long been high up the list of career choices for Edinburgh Uni students. I met some new graduate Analysts from Accenture recently who summed up some of the appeal of working for a multinational consulting firm, including the wide choice of types of consulting to practise (e.g. strategy, finance, technology), global experiences (particularly 2 week induction course and international network that is developed through that)…

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An easy first step to help with choosing a career path

Good post by Kate, one of the Careers Service Employ.ed on Campus interns.

The Careers Service Blog

Kate, our EmployEd on Campus intern, has been experimenting….

It can feel daunting thinking about work after Uni, especially if you don’t know what you want to do for a job. Heading into my fourth and final year, the question of what I want to do is starting to weigh heavily. I decided to do some thinking during the summer holidays, because even with a full time internship I know I’m less busy now than I will be during the semester.

It was suggested I look at the Career Assessments (located under the Resources tab on MyCareerHub). There are a number of assessments, each tailored to identifying a different set of personal attributes that may influence workplace preferences. I completed the assessments on ‘Strengths’, ‘Workplace Culture’ and ‘Motivation at Work’. The assessments ask you to identify how strongly particular statements apply to you, and produce a report of your attributes…

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Industry collaborative funded PhDs in Applied Photonics

CDT Photonics | Centre for Doctoral Training in Applied Photonics
Meeting industry’s need for highly skilled engineers in the photonics-electronics interface

The CDT in Applied Photonics works with companies developing photonics-enabled products and services, from consumer technology and mobile computing devices to healthcare and security. Each of their collaborations is built around an EngD or PhD student, providing them with masters-level technical and business qualifications, along with an industrially-connected doctoral research project.

What is an EngD?
The EngD is an alternative to a traditional PhD aimed at students wanting a career in industry.

Students spend about 75% of their time working directly with a company in addition to receiving advanced-level training from a broad portfolio of technical and business courses. On completion students are awarded the PhD-equivalent Engineering Doctorate.
The Centre for Doctoral Training in Applied Photonics has a number of FULLY FUNDED VACANCIES for Engineering Doctorate (EngD) and PhD positions in Applied Photonics. An EngD combines PhD level research, technical courses & research based in industry. EngD stipend in the region of £21,000 are available for UK students and EU students who are resident in the UK. PhD stipends are in the region of £15,000.

Visit for further information about the CDT in Applied Photonics,  twitter feed @CDTAP or contact