Career Development Summer Scholarships and application support

career scholarship programme

The School of Physics & Astronomy is currently offering their Career Development Summer Scholarship. This is a Scholarship that provides a stipend of £1,500 to 48 undergraduate students so they can undertake industry or academic projects. It’s directed to students in a Physics and Astronomy programme who are currently in year 3 BSc (Hons), or years 3/4  if enrolled on an MPhys programme.

The Wiki page for the Scholarships is here.

They are still receiving applications, as the deadline to submit is 5 March 2018.

I am happy to give feedback on CVs/applications for these. Catch me at my Magnet Cafe drop-in Thursdays 12 -1.30  or book an appointment with me or my colleagues through MyCareerHub

I ran a couple of sessions last year with Ross Galloway to prepare students for the projects and answer questions they had.  I also offered a session towards the end of the placements to help students reflect on what they had gained as a result of their projects and feel more confident presenting it (on applications, interviews, at conferences….)

I will be doing the same this year and we’ll let you know dates as soon as they School arranges them.


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