How to maximize your job search, preparation and success

Great post on learning about analytics – and the benefits of showing to employers that you are a proactive learner

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Tips for getting into marketing from Georges Petrequin, Marketing Manager, SymbaSync.

I was a few months away from completing my undergraduate degree, and I was actively looking for a job.

As many people know (or will soon find out) securing a job prior to graduating university isn’t a fun process. It’s time consuming, and could take time away from your university work which still remains high on your list of priorities. It also comes with a relatively large dose of stress.

At this point, I wasn’t exactly sure what kind of role I wanted, or what my ideal type of company to work for was. I knew I wanted to go into marketing, but there are many different paths that can be taken.

After looking at lots of job descriptions and vacancies, it was clear that I still needed to add some skills to my toolbox in order to stand…

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