Success for Chloe: Ogden Trust Outstanding Intern Award AND IOP Teach Physics Scholarship!

chloe Ogden trust teaching internship

Chloe was recognised as one of the Ogden Trust’s Outstanding Teach Physics interns for 2017 and received her award from Professor Arthur Trew, Head of the School of Physics & Astronomy, University of Edinburgh. You can find her blogpost here.

In 2017, 55 students were awarded Teach Physics internships at 36 schools in England & Wales. For most, it had only been a few years since they had left school themselves so it was interesting for them to taste school life from the other side of the (interactive) whiteboard!

Interns were asked to write a reflective diary, noting their observations about teaching styles, behaviour management, responses to learning and school administration, recording their own successes, and paying attention to their less successful moments. You can find their diaries, including Chloe’s award-winning one  here

Chloe got in touch in June to say:

I was also successful in applying for the IOP Teach Physics scholarship and in September I will begin teacher training in Science with Physics (PGCE) via Durham SCITT, a programme recommended to me by the staff at Bishop Barrington School, my Ogden Trust placement.

In  terms of advice for other students, the most helpful thing I can suggest is just to say ‘yes’! If an opportunity presents itself don’t let insecurities or worries stand in your way, just go for it. It might just help you figure out what really makes you happy. 

Also, read the emails you get from the university and the Careers Service! That’s how I found the Ogden Trust internship and I can say with no doubt that it’s changed the course of my life (for the better, of course).

Broad advice, but that’s what I wish someone had told me!

Thinking of doing a PhD? Read this first…

Vitae logo

The Vitae website is written for researchers and has a really good section on careers.

According to the UK Postgraduate Research Experience Survey most doctoral researchers cite a career-related reason for their choice to undertake a doctorate. Contrary to some expectations, research into doctoral graduate careers shows that the majority of people who gain a doctoral degree enter career sectors outside academia. In addition,  a significant proportion of people starting a doctorate do not have a firm idea of what they want to do as a career.

This post gets you thinking about some of the reasons for – and against – a PhD and busts a few myths along the way.  Read more here

What can I do with a physics degree?

Despite physicists being some of the most sought after and well-paid graduates across the UK, many students and teachers still struggle to answer the question: what can I do with a physics degree?

The Ogden Trust has developed some short videos to give you some ideas of potential careers using a physics degree and how you might get there. They can be used by students to discover the day to day tasks involved in a number of careers from engineer, data analyst to astrophysicist.

  • John Arnold: entrepreneur and software developer
  • Dr Laura Harkness-Brennan: nuclear physics lecturer at the University of Liverpool
  • Mike Buttery: project scientist at ESR Technology
  • Geraldine Cox: Artist in Residence at the Physics Department, Imperial College, London
  • Charlotte Davis: graduate trainee at AMEC
  • Paul Gardner: graduate engineer at MMI Engineering
  • David Gash: secondary school teacher
  • Scot Hickenbottom: PhD student at Liverpool John Moores University
  • Dr Heather Williams: Senior Medical Physicist for Nuclear Medicine at Central Manchester University Hospitals; Founding Director of ScienceGrrl
  • Richard Williams: PhD in Astrophysics at Liverpool John Moores University.

Here is one and you can see the rest at The Ogden Trust.

Jobs in the School of Physics & Astronomy

study-students croppped

There are some great opportunities available within the School.  Full details will be on the School wiki and on MyCareerHub. Closing dates 23rd & 24th Sep.

Remember you can do an Edinburgh Award alongside these to get a) recognition on your academic record and b) some great support to help you get the most out of the experience and be able to present it well on applications and at interviews

Student Ambassador – we are looking to recruit ~10 students to this post who will provide degree information, share student experience & conduct tours for prospective students at Open Days etc. Paid at Grade 3 (approx. £10/hr) with approx. 15 hours input across the year on a ‘student experience’ guaranteed hours contract.

Communications Representative – we are looking to recruit 1 student to contribute to writing and publishing communications on the School’s social media channels and forthcoming blog. Paid at Grade 3 (approx. £10/hr) working approx. 1 hour / week on a ‘student experience’ guaranteed hours contract.

Public Engagement Volunteers – we are looking to recruit 10-15 volunteers to set up and run demonstrations and experiments explaining physics concepts to members of the public and secondary pupils (at science fairs, secondary schools etc). This role is a voluntary position, with volunteers each involved in approx. 15 hours input from October to March.