IBM Universities Business Challenge (IBM UBC)

Last year’s teams at the semi-final

I mentioned this at inductions and we are now taking names for teams.

This is a business simulation challenge that our teams of physicists have done really well in past years, winning 3rd place out of 300 UK teams in London, 2017  (many of them from Business Schools). . The School paid for travel and accommodation in London for the finalist team.

It’s a great opportunity to build work experience, commercial awareness, use the range of skills and experience that we know our physics and astronomy students have – and develop new ones. Students say it’s a great experience to be part of and brilliant for your CV. You also get a business mentor allocated to your team you can get advice from.


I am looking for thee teams in total – each team can have up to five members and must have a nominated team leader. Timing is a bit tight this year due to my work and office relocation demands so apologies for the tight turnaround and the different way of recruiting teams from last time.

If you are interested, get a team together as soon as you can  (it doesn’t have to be all physics and astronomy students in the team)

I just need 3 team leaders names and emails asap (definitely by 5pm on 25th October) so that teams can participate in the optional Trial Trading Period, during which you can familiarise themselves with the UBC resources and ‘have a go’ at running your simulated business.

I will keep in touch throughout

Best wishes


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