How to succeed in technical exercises and interviews

Some good advice from employers keen on our students and graduates

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We asked two employers at yesterday’s Engineering Fair, Arup and Jacobs, to share their secrets of succeeding in technical exercises or interviews. This is what they said…

Technical exercises – Mikey Bishop, Early Careers Co-ordinator, Arup

When you apply to a role at Arup, we want to ensure that you can demonstrate and communicate your knowledge and skills. To allow you to do this, we incorporate a technical exercise into our assessment centres.

A technical exercise will be related to the specific role or industry you have applied for e.g. Structural Engineering. It will also incorporate aspects of the tasks that you would be doing on the job. It is important that where possible you demonstrate your working and remember the thought process you took to get to your answer. This is because your technical exercise will often be analysed and discussed during your interview with hiring managers.

C_BRAITHWAITE Headshot- for tech exercises blog Connor Braithwaite…

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