How I went from a Geography graduate to a Career in the Space Industry

IN advance of the UKSEDS Space conference next March, hosted by the UoE Physics & Astronomy Society, here’s a great blogpost from an Edinburgh graduate now working for Skyrora, a key sponsor of the conference.

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We are delighted to share this guest blog post from recent University of Edinburgh alumnus, Katie Miller. Katie provides a great insight into how her university experience sparked her interest in the space sector.

Looking back, I never imagined that my Geography degree would lead me to working for Skyrora, a company that launches rockets into space. I definitely never thought that, within a year after graduating, I would have secured a role which allows me to travel across Europe to attend conferences, present in front of hundreds of people, and liaise on a daily basis with large government space agencies throughout Europe.

Katie Miller Katie Miller, Business Development Executive, Skyrora

My interest in the space sector began at university while studying a course titled, ‘Remote Sensing and Global Climate Change’. I gained knowledge about the use and importance of satellites in society and how satellites can help monitor situations such as pollution, deforestation and flooding. I even wrote a space proposal…

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