Student Space Careers Conference 2 & 3 March

The National Student Space Conference is to be held in Scotland for the first time. Taking place on 2 and 3 March in Edinburgh, the event will include companies involved in planned spaceports in Sutherland and Shetland.

This event (co-ordinated this year by Lewis Lappin, the conference’s local co-ordinator and a past president of the university’s Physics and Astronomy Society) has proved so popular it has sold out although they are seeing if more tickets can be released.  Even if you can’t go, it’s a good idea to look and see:

  • who the speakers are and where from (good contacts and/or potential employers)
  • who the sponsors are  (potential employers!)

Details of speakers, sponsors and companies are here

Representatives from US aeronautics giant Lockheed Martin and Edinburgh-based space launch company Skyrora plus Airbus will be there and they are all on MyCareerHub so they are already interested in our students and graduates

Lewis Lappin said:

“I am really excited to be bringing the National Student Space Conference to Edinburgh.

“With a booming industry and plenty of world class research right on our door steps, it is an amazing time to be interested in the space industry.

“I hope this event will help inspire and educate fellow students about the careers opportunities in the space sector.”



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