Graduate Jobs Fair Online: now on 22 July!

Although postponed, the Graduate Jobs Fair Online is still quickly approaching on 22 July.

There are lots of employers still hiring, and who want to connect with you – the Graduate Jobs Fair Online is a great opportunity for you to talk to employers about opportunities in Scotland and the UK  

This is our first virtual careers fair! The main focus of the event is to facilitate conversations between you and employers but, virtual events differ to face to face events. You can speak with employers via text, video and audio platforms and employers can identify and approach students they are interested in speaking to.

There are lots of resources available on the Graduating in 2020 webpage designed to help you navigate the event and make the most of the fair. 

More details and register here so we can keep in touch and update you on next steps.

You should make sure you have completed your profile with as much detail as possible in to promote your skill set and experience to employers. 

You will meet employers offering paid, graduate opportunities that are representative of the current graduate labour market in Scotland and wider UK. Most of the 2020 graduate scheme intakes will have closed, however a smaller number of employers recruit for their graduate schemes on a rolling basis, therefore you can expect to see a smaller number of employers offering graduate schemes. Many of the organisations attending will be SMEs, offering a smaller number of graduate opportunities   

Adapting to the new “normal”

What does “the new normal” mean for students attempting to transition out of academic studies and into professional careers?   How can you adapt to the post-COVID-19 global shift?  In the post-COVID-19 world, what does the “perfect candidate” look like? (hint…there is no “perfect” candidate…but there are some things you can do to show you are the best version of you…)

Shelagh Green, Director of the Careers Service, took part yesterday in an expert panel session exploring these themes and has some good advice for uncertain times.

COVID-19 impact on industry sectors

Part 1

Reliable predictions are not available to any of us right now but following our post back in March, we wanted to bring you the latest insights we’ve gleaned across a range of sectors to help you understand the context in which you are planning your future. LinkedIn are monitoring the effects on job postings in the UK and split industries into 3 categories; “responding”, “weathering” and “adversely impacted”. We’ve used these headings to show how different sectors have been affected in different ways. ” 

On our main Careers Service blog Inform.ed my colleague, Alison Parkinson, Employment Engagement Adviser,  has posted today’s blogplost, Part 1, looking at sectors which are weathering the storm.  

Looking for a part-time job?

If you are looking for a part time job and want something you can start quickly there are still options available. Follow organisations on social media as well as checking their website as social media may be updated faster!

  • Supermarkets. Many of the supermarket chains are looking for staff in a variety of functions. Check the careers pages of their websites or it’s also a good idea to check their social media as this may be updated more frequently. Try all the major chains – Aldi, Asda, Co-op, Farmfoods, Iceland, Lidl, Marks and Spencer, Morrisons, Ocado, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Waitrose.
  • NHS – check the recruitment site relevant for your location:
    • NHS Scotland
    • NHS England and Wales (search on COVID-19 for urgent vacancies)
    • Health and Social Care Northern Ireland
  • Royal Mail. Postal services are still operating and have vacancies available. It could also be worth looking at the largest couriers such as DHL and Hermes.
  • Amazon – online retail is busy and Amazon have offices across the country. Keep a check on what’s available.
  • Pharmacies. Pharmacies will also be under pressure to maintain levels of service and deliver so check Boots, Lloyds, Well, Gordon, Superdrug and other local pharmacies. Remember that major supermarkets often house pharmacies too.
  • Check on MyCareerHub for any vacancies that involve remote working
  • Check on Student job for remote working and survey options
  • Udrafter is a site that provides micro internships and is aiming to advertise vacancies supporting business in the current crisis

If you need financial support then you can access advice and hardship funding and emergency loans information here.

Additionally – Edinburgh city council have a page available with suggestions on how you can help and volunteer during the crisis if that’s something that you can do safely and have time for.

Keep yourself and others safe out there.

Games industry in Edinburgh

There are eight towns and cities in the country where the games industry generates over £60m in GVA into the local economy (Edinburgh, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Leamington Spa, Crawley and Horsham, Manchester, Guildford, Slough and Heathrow, and London). 55% of game development jobs in the UK are based outside of London and the South East, according to a new regional economic impact report released by the video games and interactive entertainment industry trade body Ukie. “

Dundee comes in at number 10. While Edinburgh’s position may be boosted by the juggernaut that is Rockstar North, there are some other local industry “players” to be aware of who will be coming to our Careers in Tech & Data Fair on 12 February

We have a new gaming company coming – Mooncollider – based in Edinburgh and Codeplay who work with the games industry.   Sumdog are also attending and, as well as EdTech, who could be described as gamified education. If you are interested in computer gaming, talk to companies like Fanduel about their fantasy sports business.

Other exhibitors cover AI/Machine Learning, Space & Satellites, Agritech, Cyber Security, Fintech, Marketing and Advertising, MedTech, Tourism and much more.

Over 50% are recruiting from any discipline. Around 50% are SMEs
Around 90% have graduate roles. Around 60% have other paid work experience

Find out more here

Explore – risk analytics & data science

Deloitte are coming to Kings Buildings on 29th October 2pm to talk about the type of work they do in this area (using data and other methods to help assess and mitigate risks for clients) as well as the job opportunities that they have available.

Curious? Come along to find out more.

Sign up through EventBrite at:

Working for The Princes Trust

Physics grad Naomi Hyde currently works as Supporter Services Coordinator at the Prince’s Trust supporting young people in the United Kingdom to transform their lives. Through training programmes, practical and financial support and other tools, the organisation helps young people who are facing issues such as homelessness or mental health issues. In over forty years the Prince’s Trust has supported over 870,000 clients, with three in four moving onto employment, education, volunteering, or training.

She also shares her decision-making process

Why did you decide to apply for this role? 

“When I graduated, I decided to take some time to myself and rather than starting in a new role, increased my hours at a supermarket where I was familiar with the environment. Later, there were various reasons I chose to avoid applying for graduate schemes.

Firstly, during final year, I was faced with so many demands that I simply did not have the time to apply. For me, it was impossible to dedicate the time to both my degree and the extensive application processes. By the time I had finished my degree, the charity graduate schemes which appealed to me had closed. The schemes in this sector are also limited, where the roles may not fit your skill-set or interests. Personally, it was best to go straight into a role that I knew I would enjoy and add value.

Find out more about Naomi’s role here

What to do if you’ve accepted the wrong job offer

This is the time of year when we get some students coming in anxious about a rejecting a job offer, especially if they have signed a contract when they want to accept a later offer. This blog post from colleagues at Warick University gives great advice that echoes what we say to students.

The Careers Blog

Everyone hopes that it will be possible to get an offer for the dream job, withdraw from any application processes still underway and settle down to wait for a start date. Sadly it doesn’t always work out this way. What do you do when you are offered a good job and the recruitment process for the dream job is still on-going?

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SEPnet: careers information and Skills Transformer tool

SEPnet is the South East Physics Network, a network of nine universities in the South East of England, working together to deliver excellence in physics. SEPnet partners have useful careers pages on their websites full of information, advice and relevant resources for physics students.

SEPnet careers information

They also offer Skills Transformer which provides science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) students with a structure to help you recognise, write about and talk about your skills. Skills Transformer shows you, through hearing from STEM graduates, why transferable skills are vital to working successfully in science and technical jobs after graduation and why being able to write and talk about them is fundamental to securing a job.

Spend 5 minutes trying out the online Skills Transformer tool and work through the sessions to help you prepare for placement or job application forms and for interviews.

Skills Transformer