SEPnet: careers information and Skills Transformer tool

SEPnet is the South East Physics Network, a network of nine universities in the South East of England, working together to deliver excellence in physics. SEPnet partners have useful careers pages on their websites full of information, advice and relevant resources for physics students.

SEPnet careers information

They also offer Skills Transformer which provides science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) students with a structure to help you recognise, write about and talk about your skills. Skills Transformer shows you, through hearing from STEM graduates, why transferable skills are vital to working successfully in science and technical jobs after graduation and why being able to write and talk about them is fundamental to securing a job.

Spend 5 minutes trying out the online Skills Transformer tool and work through the sessions to help you prepare for placement or job application forms and for interviews.

Skills Transformer

Interview success

To improve your chances of doing well in job and placement interviews, watch the video clip below. Gil Travish at Adaptix provides tips on how to do well in Skype interviews and explains what he is looking for in a physics graduate

Physics CareerLabs – Interviews & LinkedIn

I am running two workshops for physics & astronomy students. All welcome

  • Physics CareersLab – Get better at interviews

Got internship, job or PhD interviews coming up? Get some advice and a chance for some low-stress practice.

Monday 4 March, 5pm – 6pm, JCMB 4319B

  • Physics CareersLab – Making good use of LinkedIn

Want to learn about making a good profile? Using LinkedIn to help you find out about job roles and vacancies? Get some advice and a chance for some low-stress practice. Bring a device if you can.

Monday 11 March, 5pm – 6pm, JCMB 4319B

New Tech Career Books

Good post from my colleague Lizzie Mortimer highlighting our excellent tech-related careers resources. A must-read if you are aiming for top tech organisations like Google, Microsoft, Apple (and IBM, Fujitsu…there are others!) Our resources are also available at Weir Building, Kings Buildings.

UoE Informatics Careers Blog

The Careers Service has recently added a number of tech related careers books to our collection of reference materials.  books

These books provide advice from those in the know about what to expect from tech interviews, the types of psychometric and technical tests which are used and how to stand out from the other candidates.  Find them in the red section, and the green section (M) at the Third Floor, Main Library Building.

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IOP Teacher Training Scholarships: £30,000 tax-free funding

£30,000 tax-free funding available for talented individuals entering physics teacher training in England in the 2016/17 academic year. 150 IOP scholarships will be awarded to the very best individuals who impress the IOP with their academic record, physics subject knowledge and commitment to teaching. Find out more and how to apply on the IOP website.

Here’s a heads-up about the assessment process:

Need your CV to work better for you?

These short videos are a great start to get your head round what should or could be in your CV…and what shouldn’t.

Employers may just ask for a CV but most will expect a covering letter to go with the CV.  Think of it as a presentation package – the CV is factual, edited highlights about you in relation to the required criteria. You don’t have to tell them everything about everything! The cover letter links to your CV but doesn’t duplicate it. It’s the place to summarise what you can offer and – more importantly – get across your motivation and interest in the job and the organisation. If you can include a cover letter, you should.

For an introduction to cover letters, start with this short podcast. Once you have a draft, get some feedback by booking an appointment on MyCareerHub or coming along to the Physics drop-in service, Thursdays 12 – 1.30 outside Magnet cafe, JCMB