Fast track STEM teaching qualification

There is a new teacher education scheme at University of Dundee.  It’s a fast track STEM course which combines the one-year teaching qualification with the induction year.  The subjects it includes are Physics, Chemistry, Computing & Mathematics.

The benefits are that graduates will be in the classroom quicker and they are paid the probationer salary (£22,500) from the outset.  This is a two-year pilot and the first year of the course runs from January 2018 to January 2019.  You apply directly to the University of Dundee and the closing date is 17th October.

To find out more have a look at Dundee’s website

Dundee are still offering the more traditional PGDE Secondary alongside this new option.


Institute of Physics: insight into teaching

UPDATE: this event didn’t happen due to powercut at Kings Buildings. Lewis says it will likely be rescheduled after Christmas and will let us know so we can promote again.(Susan Bird). He has supplied us with the slides from one of the presenters.

Lewis Lappin from the Edinburgh University Physics Society is also the Ambassador for the IOP’s Insight into Teaching event and has asked me to highlight this event for physicists

Interested in teaching? Find out about a career in teaching Physics at the Institute of Physics Insight into teaching event.

When: 16th of November at Lecture Theatre C, JCMB, Kings Buildings.

Find out about:
•Gaining school experience
•Routes into teaching
•How to apply

Network with:
•Current teachers
•Teacher training providers
•IOP representatives

There will be refreshments and a free IOP goody bag for everyone that comes!

RSVP on eventbrite to confirm your place:

Join the Facebook event

Love physics, teach physics

Keen to share your love of physics?

If you’d like to know more about teaching, and whether it’s for you or not, come along to the teaching Career Conversation happening in JCMB on Wednesday 9th November (lunchtime)

My colleague Suzanne Agnew is running it with an academic member of staff from Moray House.  You can book a space via MyCareerHub

You can find out more about teaching from our online resources  and from searching the resources tab on MyCareerHub.

IOP Teacher Training Scholarships: £30,000 tax-free funding

£30,000 tax-free funding available for talented individuals entering physics teacher training in England in the 2016/17 academic year. 150 IOP scholarships will be awarded to the very best individuals who impress the IOP with their academic record, physics subject knowledge and commitment to teaching. Find out more and how to apply on the IOP website.

Here’s a heads-up about the assessment process: